Series – JPG loves his science!

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Earlier this year, Johanna and I went to go see the Jean-Paul Gaultier exhibition at the NGV in Melbourne. A fantastic exhibition that absolutely reinforced the idea that scientific theory and fashion have a tight relationship.

JPG is most certainly not ‘easily influenced’ by the passing fads in the trade. He may not fit the ‘ionic’ or ‘polar’ descriptions of style structure, but nevertheless he is a force of his own that puts pressure on the industry. Situations of high pressure create chemical reactions that are unpredictable and highly influential upon their surrounding environment and there is no denying that JPG has been an influence over his 45 years of design.

The following weeks will see a series of posts themed around JPG and his love of science – or rather our love at Entropy of Style to see the style of science in such remarkable pieces of wearable art.