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Series – JPG loves his science!

Earlier this year, Johanna and I went to go see the Jean-Paul Gaultier exhibition at the NGV in Melbourne. A fantastic exhibition that absolutely reinforced the idea that scientific theory and fashion have a tight relationship. JPG is most certainly not ‘easily influenced’ by the passing fads in the trade. He may not fit the […]

The Artificial Reproduction of Piloerection

Why are we the only animals that wear additional layers over our skin? Piloerection is a reaction of humans and animals in cases of extreme emotions and extreme cold. When we find ourselves in a cold environment, certain muscles under the skin contract, affecting the hair follicle and causing the hair to stand up and […]

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Style Structure (or lack thereof…)

What is the Entropy of Your Style?

Order, disorder, energy high and low, the path of least resistance and pressure and influence from outside forces. Does this pertain to science or fashion? Why not both? They need not always be thought of in isolation. They need not exist in spite of one another, even alongside one another, but within each other. Parallels […]